Friday, 14 September 2012

Final morning

Some of us found it incredibly difficult to wake up this morning, let alone finish our packing. A few are still struggling with the words 'clean' and 'tidy', as final cabin inspections proved.

Then it was off to breakfast and two final activities. They are Aeroball for groups 2 and 3, and Cat Walk for group 1. Can they conquer their final goals and complete all 3 levels...? They'll tell you tonight!

Our activities finish at 12:15 so we will be off just as soon as we can haul those cases (heavier now due to all the water and mud!) up the hill and onto the coach.

See you soon!!!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Drama in the toilet

Following the afternoon activities, everyone came back to prepare for the disco. 3 of our girls went into the bathroom for a shower, and then couldn't get out! Ms Barrow got out her 'just in case' Swiss army knife, but to no avail. Ms Holden gallantly climbed halfway through the window to give some advice. Their friends looked after them by feeding sweets through the window. In the end we had to rely on a dashing young maintenance man to solve the problem.

Cat walk

There are 3 levels on the cat walk, and all of group 2 tried at least one of them.

Disco Night

It's finally here and the excitement was hard to contain as out of the cases came the only clean clothes that remain.
Mr Santy has spent the week convincing the children they could only attend if they paired up in true prom style.
The discussions have been detailed and in great depth, but in true Roydon style our children rose to the challenge, paired up and agreed to a photo shoot.
Don't they look fabulous!

Ms B sneaks in yet another cat...

...and between them they are slowly brainwashing the children that moggies make the best pets (just ask them for the password to the Teachers' Cabin for confirmation!)
In fact the cat itself has already hypnotised Kieran and Ewan, and now has Caitlin in its evil clutches.
Keep it at arm's length Eren and Lexi and make your escape before it's too late!!!

Afternoon Aeroball

A gentle, final activity for Group 1 while Mr Santy has his afternoon nap.
Four teams of 2 battle to the death in the classic combination of netball and trampolining -
Holly and Ewan vs Caitlin and Kyle vs Eren and Lexi vs Kieran and Emily.

Hope they don't use all their energy before the disco tonight!

Trapeze skills

Group1 showed off their trapeze or 'leap of faith' skills on Thursday afternoon. Holly, Emily, Kyle, Kieran, Eren, Lexi, Caitlin and Ewen were lucky enough to get 3 go's each! And every go they had, they bettered their previous attempt.

Even Mr Santy had a go,can you tell how high he got?

Well done group 1, you could all join the circus!

Any spare 5 minutes will do when you're Football Crazy!

You can be sure Mr Santy will NEVER miss an opportunity to hold trials for the school football team. That's dedication!

Thurs Morn Group 3's Problem Solving

The first group of the day to work as a team using their skills and initiative. What a group!

Thursday Morning

What a beautiful start to the day...and what beautifully clean children in Group 2. Let's see if it's still the same after the Sensory Trail!